Souvenirs from Kyiv

To buy souvenirs and symbolic baubles is not a problem in Kiev because there are lots of shops and fairs. The most interesting and popular presents: vyshyvanka, beer mugs and beer kegs, matreshka doll, embroidered tablecloths, shirts, wood carvings, pottery with painting and of course the famous Kiev cake. As well as various souvenirs with the Ukrainian symbols - shirts, hats, scarves, bracelets, magnets, etc. The great Ukrainian souvenir would be also a good pipe, or gutsulska trembita.

Vyshyvanka - traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt. It is decorated with national ornaments.

Rushnik - embroidered decorative towel made of homespun canvas. It is made from flax or hemp. For decoration is used towel embroidery, lace, ribbons.

Matryoshka doll - the traditional souvenir for foreign tourists. The most popular dolls are painted with Petrikivka.

Pysanka - handmade wooden egg. Landscapes, telling about the life of the Ukrainian nation, its history, religion and culture are usually depicted on pysanky.

Sharovary - Ukrainian national men's pants which are usually red color.

A Cossack Bulava has always been the unique symbol of Ukraine. Of course, you will not be able to bring the real one, but smaller souvenir copy - always. Souvenir shops and little markets are full of different gift maces of all sizes and colors.

Also popular souvenirs are Ukrainian dolls "Motanki made of fabric patchwork. These dolls are considered to be a talisman against the evil forces, as well as a symbol of fertility from ancient times.

There is a unique place in Kyiv - Andriivskyi uzviz, which is also called Street Museum. It is the place where you can buy the best examples of traditional art. Here you will find antiques, collection items and various hand-made.

Kiev is a beautiful and charming European city in which every tourist will find entertainment and shopping to his liking.

Traveling cross country

Many travelers face the same problem when they plan their trip. Which places should I visit ? Which transport would it be better to use ? Will I have enough time to get from one city to another ? These are the main questions , but of course, not the only ones which will occur. We will try to give a piece of advice on choosing  transportation.

Of course , it is the fastest way to get from one place to another , though , at the same time it is the most expensive one. Some companies offer  low rates for people buying tickets long time in advance. If your vacation is very short and budget is flexible this might be the most convenient way to getting around the country.

This is probably the cheapest and convenient way to get around the country if the cities are far away from each other. The advantage is that in most cases you may take an overnight train from one city to another and have some sleep in the train. You buy tickets and check the train schedule directly at the website of Ukrainian railway company.

If the cities are not far from each other we would suggest to use a bus. It is not very expensive. We are pretty sure you will enjoy your short trip and get a chance to see some countryside. There are a few bus companies working on market and there are always tickets available.

rental car
If you want to travel around the country and do not want to stick to the strict schedule this would probably be the best option. You are more flexible and may stay longer at the places you like. This option would perfectly suit for someone with enough driving experience. Just make sure to have a good road map or GPS device with you. There are many places with no road signs.

If you will only be staying in one city - there is no need to rent a car. We would advice to use a taxi instead. It will be cheaper than renting a car and will let you enjoy you stay. In most  big cities the traffic is quite bad and the road signs are very confusing. We advice not to catch a car in the street but order it through a taxi company. They will tell you how much to pay to the driver over the phone so you will not have to argue with the driver if he will want more money.

Andriivskyy Uzviz

 Andriivskyy uzviz is the main tourist attraction in Kyiv

 Andriivskyy Uzviz is well-known as Kyiv Montmartre, the famous place of artists and tourists, the second most popular street after Khreshatyk. Since ancient times, it linked the Upper Town (Old Kyiv) and Lower Town (Podil area). This name the street had got through the St. Andrew apostle.

At this street you can find many interesting things to see: the "The Castle of Richard the Lionheart", as well as the unique “Museum of one street” and St. Andrew's Church - the most important decoration of the street, which was designed by architect Rastrelli. However, the most interesting legends of Andriivskyy Uzviz are the people who have lived there at different times. Among them is famous sculptor Kavaleridze, an outstanding writer Mikhail Bulgakov, whose museum is located at number 13.

Nowadays a huge number of museums, galleries, antique and gift shops, art workshops are situated at Andriivskyy Uzviz. This is the one of the favorite places for having rest and walking both Kyiv residents and guests of the city. Every year thousands of tourists visit vernissage of falk crafts to purchase Ukrainian souvenirs – wooden figurines, painted pottery, toys, embroidery, coins, glass ceramics. We can offer you comfortable apartments for your staying in Kyiv near Andriivskyy Uzviz at Igorivska street 2 and Igorivska street 16 at the good price.

If you get hungry you will easily find numerous cafes and small restaurants with variety of different meals. The most popular restaurants at Andriivskyy Uzviz are: restaurant “Kanapa”, Cafй de Paris, cafй-restaurant “Vernissage”, restaurant “Za dvumya zaytsami”, club-restaurant “Terrace”, restaurant “Svitlytsya”.

     How can you get to the Andriivskyy Uzviz:

1)            To reach the station "Poshtova Ploscha" by metro, go up to the Mikhailovsky Square with the funicular and go down the Vladimirska street to Andriivskyy Uzviz.

2)            Ride to metro station "Kontraktova ploscha", then go past the fountain Samson, Cathedral of the Assumption and go up till Andriivskyy Uzviz.

International exhibition "Motobike 2014"


In the InternationalExhibitionCenter from March, 14 till March, 16 will be held the 9th international specialized exhibition of motorcycles and accessories "Motobike 2014". It will take place in the International Exhibition Centre; the address is Brovorskoy prospect 15. The price is 35 UAH per person.

The exhibition will present motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, motorbikes, electric motorcycles and scooters, accessories and components, equipment and means of protection, sound, tuning, airbrush, specialized sportswear.

The exhibition will give a great opportunity to organizers to present and to practice their technique to potential customers.

For the first time, in the motorbike will participate Harley-Davidson. He will offer his motorcycle for the competition between the visitors of the exhibition. The exhibition will have an exciting show program: unforgettable performance of 3 times champion of Ukraine drifting Alaksandra Grinchuk together with the finalists of "Ukraine has Got Talent" Andrei and Sergei Shashkov Golovnya champions of Stuntriding.

Daily apartments rent in Kiev advantages

It turned out that a level of hotel business in Kiev is far from European one.
The capital of Ukraine mainly presents either 4 or 5 star hotels of the top-class or ramshackle, slightly reconstructed old hostels in the suburbs. It is not a secret that Hotels of Kiev are quite expensive. The absence of medium-price range hotels lead to fast development of daily rental apartment area in Kiev. Today, this opportunity becomes an ideal choice for guests of our city, and now more and more visitors prefer renting apartments.

In particular UArent Company will help you to choose appropriate variant of apartment for daily rent in Kiev! As one renting apartment in Kiev, no matter he is a tourist or has a business trip gets a number of benefits:
Daily rent apartment is profitable, depending on quantity of the rooms guest can settle alone or with company of friends (one should remember that in Hotel everybody had to pay for separate room or maximum one room for 2 persons).
For a long term rent (starting from 7 days) we also provide significant discount, and as a result difference between apartment payment and bill for hotel room increase.

In many cases weekly price for renting apartment in Kiev doesn’t exceed even one night in a capital hotel.
Daily rent apartment – convenient location, all presented apartments are notable for good road interchange, or they are situated in the very center of Kiev or close to it.
Daily rent apartment – is a domestic atmosphere and coziness. All the proposed by our company apartments provide good and comfortable stay.

Apartments presented on the web-site are of different level, the choice depends on your capability and preferences. Accordingly, renting an apartment in Kiev one feels himself like at home. For better convenience of our customers we offer picture gallery and detailed description of proposed apartments, that allow choose more suitable and interesting variant. Book the chosen apartment in Kiev in advance in order not to waist time for search in the day of your arrival.

Daily rent apartment- it is comfortable! Choosing this kind of services helps you to spend your holidays or business trip here with comfort and without unnecessary eyes. It is also a great possibility to stay in silence and coziness after a tense day! You will not depend on the schedule of a hotel, daily rent apartment gives an opportunity to plan your stay in Kiev yourself. Each of our apartments is equipped with all the household appliances needed. Availability of washing mashing, microwave oven, electric kettle and iron is not an exception but a rule!

Our customers can always expect:

Convenience of renting - it is you who choose an acceptable way of payment, check-in and check –out time. We provide all account documents if needed.

Comfortable living. Most part of apartments is located in the places with highly advanced infrastructure, with shops of different directions, small cozy cafes – everything just is set up a full happy life!

Convenience for your working place. You can choose yourself where to stay; it means you do not have to spend time in the transport going to work. Agree that it’s great!

Convenience for rest. Location and comfort of our apartments will allow you and your companions to plunge into the atmosphere of calmness and relaxation

Magic from Georgia: National ballet Sukhishvili in Kiev

They are called “the eighth wonder of the world”, a “hurricane on the scene”, “the best Broadway show”. It must be seen live: 100 dancers, an orchestra on stage, more than 1,000 costumes, 60 exclusive sabers.

Founded in 1945 the team has already made more than 300 tours, 9 times traveled to 5 continents, 90 countries, hold about 15,000 concerts. Ballet troupe includes more than 500 people (dancers, orchestra, management and technical staff).

Music of wonderful Georgian musicians in the orchestra pit reminds Asian motives. A war dance is accompanied by drums. What does attract and fascinate the audience in performances of the team with a rich history? Stunning technique, elegance, impeccable taste, inventive staging, collective performances are brilliant - if dancers are merged into one breath, one heartbeat", breathtaking rhythm that captivates the audience.

The concerts will be held on March 7-8 at Palace Ukraine, Kiev.

In any case do not miss their performances in Ukraine!


How to find a daily rent apartment in Kiev

It is very easy to find an apartment for daily rent in Kiev. It depends on what search technique is more convenient for you. There are several most common ways to find an apartment to rent in Kiev including such newspapers as Aviso, Internet, magazines and personal reference of those who already used apartment rental companies’ services.

Renting an Apartment in Kiev through Newspapers: Newspapers containing advertisements for apartment rentals on daily basis usually provide a vast number of offers broken into categories according to city districts and number of rooms in apartments. This generally seems to be quite convenient. However when you start making calls you find out that most advertisements lead to the same people answering the phone. Besides, newspapers contain tons of outdated information. For this reason this option is more suitable for those in possession of ample time (one or two hours) and steady nerves.

Internet is quite a friendly search option when it comes to your emotional balance. What you need is only to know what exactly you are looking for. It is important to have an idea of the daily rent apartment location, number of rooms, renovation status etc. This will save you time and strength. Further on the search algorithm is simple as ABC – it takes you only to get online, open any search engine such as Google and enter your query in the search bar (your request might be daily rent apartments, Kiev apartment daily rentals, apartments on daily basis in Kiev, daily let apartment in Kiev, Kiev apartments rent etc.) The search engine will provide you with a vast number of links to websites of Kiev apartment rental businesses. You launch any site, make a phone call, find out options and details. Those who have internet access and are limited in time will find this option more reasonable.

Magazines. Everything is generally clear with this matter. You can hardly find any information on daily rental apartments in any publications unless it is an in-flight or in-train tourist magazine. So, one should not reckon on an purposeful search of a daily rental apartment in this case. Except perhaps you come across an advertisement while randomly skimming through a magazine as you travel. However once if you found one, it is a hundred-percent sure option as such ads are put by big rental apartment businesses such as that have a huge amount of apartments to choose from. This allows you to easily spot the lodgings you are interested in.

Personal reference. If anything, it is the most sure-fire way of searching, as you will be provided not only with the residence details but also with first-hand descriptions of its advantages and disadvantages. You will be given the renter’s contacts as well. And all this comes from the people who you personally know. This is a very efficient search way. The only drawback is that your friends are unlikely to know all the offers in the daily accommodation market.

Therefore it is first of all you who shall decide which way to select an apartment for rent in Kiev. We can only wish you that the apartment you choose and check in may be as comfortable and homelike for you as can be!

The new exhibition of scandalous Belgian artist Jan Fabre will be opened in Kiev

Read more: Jan Fabre. Exhibition in Kiev

The exhibition consists of two parts:Tribute to Hiëronymus Bosch in Congo (2011-2013) and Tribute to Belgian Congo (2010-2013) and shows us the full story of the colonial past of Belgium.

 This story appeared in the works of Fabre in 2002, when he created a monumental work "Heaven of Delight", covering the ceiling of one of the halls of the RoyalPalace in Brussels with million wings of beetles.

 The exhibition includes 36 spectacular mosaics, 23 sculptures and 2 large-scale triptyches, 28 new works.

 You can see these works on the 4th floor of the Pinchuk Art Centre. The exhibition will be run from February 7 to April 27, 2014. Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday from 12:00 to 21:00. Entrance is free.




Kiev - The Place Which is Easy to Find and Hard to Leave

When I look from different apartments in Kiev I always convince myself that it is one of the most picturesque cities in Eastern Europe. It is one of the most beautiful and charming ones as well, and, undoubtedly one of the most important political centers. But how many people know that this city with its apartments, streets, and boulevards is one of the most ancient cities in the world?

How old is Kiev?! It is not very easy to answer this question. There is not any definite resource that can indicate the precise age of this ancient city, reliable information is also missing.

Many archeologists however hold the opinion that the first settlement in Kiev can be dated back more than 15000 years ago. According to some legends, which certainly can not be verified, Kiev was founded by three brothers Kyi, Shcek and Khoriv, who named this settlement after their elder brother Kyi.

First settlers of the city were faced with constant threats form several nomadic European tribes, thus in order to protect themselves from invasion people of Kiev were building all their homes as well as churches on the right bank of the river- Dniper. This is how this ancient city was born.

During the first thousand years of its history Kiev was the political, economical and cultural center of Eastern Slavs. Its geographical location in the middle of commercial routes between Asia and Europe favored its development as a large trade center. It had been transformed into one of the most important outposts of Khazar empire (empire which comprised the tribes of semi-nomadic people of Central Asia).

Kiev was developing rapidly during Prince Volodymyr. In order to maintain and enhance his power Volodymyr decided to introduce Christianity, which since the 10th century has been an official religion in the country. First Christian church was built during the reign of Volodymyr the Great. Rapid introduction of Christianity (the building of the churches multiplied during the reign of the prince) entailed the transformation of Kiev into one of the largest centers of Christian civilization; and despite the fact that it was destroyed, rebuilt and come through several wars and revolution it still maintains and preserves its historical charm.

Today Kiev is one of the largest cities of Eastern Europe. It is one of the most romantic cities as well; it has been developing rapidly since the collapse of the Soviet Union and it is worth the while for every man to visit it just once.

"Motherland" monument and its secrets

Read more: "Motherland" monument in Kiev
"Motherland" monument rises above Kiev on the right bank of the Dnipro river and looks like a figure of a woman in the height of 102 meters. It is one of the world's tallest sculptures and can be visible from distant points of the Ukrainian capital.

The huge monument, which is higher than the Statue of Liberty in New York symbolizes the struggle of the Soviet people against fascism.

If you want to glance over the entire Kiev, the best place to do it is to visit the monument of "Motherland". There are daily excursions to the monument: the special lift takes you up to the observation deck - the height of 37 meters (at the foot of the monument) and 92 meters (top panel). It is the shield of the statue "Motherland" is one of the most beautiful observation decks in Kiev. So you have an excellent opportunity to enjoy wonderful views of the city at any season of the year.

Short-term apartment rentals in Kiev

Apartment rental in Kiev on daily basis is a matter of current interest independently on the economic situation and political developments. Tourists, business travelers, visiting specialists and other travelers increasingly more prefer daily rent apartments as a most convenient and comfortable Kiev lodging.

Why this kind of accommodation is so popular, tells a customer support manager Maria with Kiev apartment rentals agency UARent.

“This cheap and comfortable lodging makes a good alternative to hotels and provides a decent amount of additional services such as airport transfers, room service, guided tours and visa support.”

What other services are provided by UARent?

“Most short-term apartment rental businesses in Kiev will offer you full range of room service from food delivery to laundry and ironing. To meet your needs there are room-maids, interpreters, drivers, guides. Our agency, for instance, works in close partnership with a marriage agency and provides accommodation for InterDating Club customers.” How did the crisis influence day rent apartment market?

“In fact, it resulted in a keen competition in this market and Kiev rental agencies put efforts to ensure premium quality. The recession drove the prices for Kiev lodging down as compared with the previous year and forced rental businesses to resort to different take-offs to attract customers and offer a variety of specials and discounts.”
Are short-term Kiev apartment rentals attractive to business travelers?

“First of all it is a home-like atmosphere, space and privacy uncharacteristic to hotels. A fully equipped kitchen in a self-catering apartment will not only spare you from fast-food, but also let you welcome friends and rest after a busy day. Visitors are able to choose best Kiev locations that will be most appropriate for the purpose of their visit and in terms of services day rent quarters are in the same league with hotels.”

Once a traveler decided to rent an apartment in Kiev, is it better to deal with agencies or immediate owners?

“On one hand it might seem cheaper to rent from a direct apartment owner. This option can work out for those who frequently visit Kiev, however it is not so attractive should the preferred apartment be unavailable. At the same time when you rent an accommodation from a direct estate owner, most probably you have no legal agreement for your day-by-day stay and you do it at your own risk.

Besides, usually, no other useful services will be provided along with apartment rent. An agency, instead, will offer you a range of options and conclude a rental agreement with you for any number of days and will ensure your stay on legal basis.

Employees traveling to Kiev in business usually face having to report their expenses on accommodation rent and foreign housing and normally it is agencies and not individual owners who can issue legal documents for the accounts department.

Holiday rentals market develops constantly and as long as demand breeds supply there will be new services for business and holiday travelers.”

Global Village Festival of Culture

Festival of culture

The well known Global Village Festival of Culture,will take place at the end of December. It will be held in Dream Town (the address is Obolonskiy 16). Children who are staying in Ukraine on the conditions of internships will be engaged to this Festival ( especially from such countries: Columbia, Georgia, India, Brazil, China, Singapore, Korea, Greece, Vietnam).
The Festival of Culture will be extraordinary, because a great amount of master classes in origami and the traditional tea ceremony, henna painting and sand animation will be exposed there.
The main flavor of the Festival will be a master classes from different schools of dance and even from a Capoeira club. Kiev is open for tourists and have a lot of surprises on coming winter Holidays. So, everyone can enjoy the staying in Kiev during the Holidays with children or with your close friends. Find some time to develop your cultural view, as it is worth while visiting it.

Kiev Apartments - an Affordable Alternative to Hotels

For Visitors, Kiev Apartments Provide an Affordable Alternative to Hotels

If you're planning a trip to Kiev, consider going the nontraditional route and rent a Kiev apartment instead of a hotel accommodation. There are a number of advantages to Kiev apartments, including privacy, roominess, and kitchen facilities. In addition, by staying in Kiev apartments you have the opportunity to meet more of the city's citizens and experience more of the local culture, both of which can add to your vacation experience or business trip. Why Kiev?

Kiev (also known as Kyiv), is the capital of Ukraine, and is situated on the Dnieper River. With close to three million residents, Kiev is the largest city in the Ukraine, and has all of the amenities of any major city. Although the winter months are quite cold, the summer months are mild, with an average temperature in the mid-70s.

Because the city of Kiev cultivates tourism, visitors are able to easily get around to see the wondrous sites of this cultural center. The Kiev Metro subway system allows tourists to easily get to and from major attractions, and the trolley buses and trams afford an above ground view of the city.

Kiev is steeped in history, and visitors can enjoy the architecture of the St. Michael's Cathedral, the St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Andrew's Church, the Zoloti Vorota, and, of course, the monument to Michael the Archangel in Independence Square. No visit to Kiev would be complete without a trip to St. Vladimir Hill to see the Prince Vladimir Monument, a huge bronze statue, or to the Monastery of the Kiev Caves, an underground monastery.

For those with a cultural bent, Kiev is home to a wide variety of theaters, orchestras, and museums. From the Kiev Opera House and the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater to the National Museum of Russian Art and the Kiev Circus, the city truly has something for everyone.

Kiev is also known for its trees and lush vegetation, so a trip to the Kiev Botanical Gardens should be on every visitor's itinerary. The Central Botanical Garden boasts 13,000 varieties of trees and plants, while the A.V. Fomin Botanical Gardens are home to many rare species of flora.

Finding Kiev Apartments

Kiev apartments offer a number of advantages over hotel accommodations, but how do you find them? There are online sources that allow you to search for apartments in Kiev on the basis of location, size, class, and price. You can even choose the amenities you desire, from basic air conditioning to a washing machine or Jacuzzi.

It's best to select Kiev apartments that are near the center of the city, so that you'll be in walking distance of theaters, shops, subway stations, restaurants, and historical sites. Be sure that the apartment you rent comes fully equipped with bedding, blankets, towels, soap, and so forth.

When selecting a company from which to rent an apartment, you should also consider the other services they offer. For example, it's helpful if the company can provide airport transportation, interpreter services, and tour guides or planned excursions.

Exhibition of legendary Titanic in Kiev

Exhibition of legendary Titanic in Kiev

An exhibition of Titanic is opened in Kiev at NSC Olimpiyskiy and will last till March 16. Find out the real story of the ship and touch the legend you can every day from 10:00 am till 21:00 pm.

It is worth while mentioning that Ukraine is the first country in Eastern Europe, where the people will be able to see the original artifacts from the sunken liner.

The historian, collector and co-owner of the exhibition, Claes-Goran Wetterholm, started collecting things from the legendary ship in 1960. He was personally acquainted with 12 passengers who told their stories, and also presented many exhibits of personal archives.

The exhibition consists of three parts. The first shows the original artifacts from the ship, the second recreates the interior of the liner, and the third is audio which tell the story of each of the artifacts. You get a unique opportunity during the Christmas holidays go back in time and experience the drama of those events.

Kiev Tourist Guide

1) Night life 2) Eating out 3) Sight-seeing

1. Night life

Clubs and Discos 

Non-stop erotic show, private and table dancing, European level of service, wonderful surprises.
Open: non-stop

Disco Matrix
Is there no reality? Reality has never existed, only we can decide whether there is any reality or no. The disco "Matrix" is for those who know what reality is. "Matrix" is not only the place where you can relax. This is the place where new worlds are created. This is the place where the creators of these worlds meet. It is situated in the heart of Kiev, in the Hotel Dnipro. You will be inspired by the energy from the complex of Group Gabriella - its casino with VIP room, strip bar "Millenium". No more limits! If you want to dance - let's dance, if no - just seat at the bar. But don't be quiet! Don't think that everything you see is real. Come and determine what exists! Entrance ticket is 50 hryvnas. We offer a huge privilege for ladies - free entry from 20:00 till 23:00. At our disco you will see the stars of show business, top European and CIS DJ's and MC's, talented show-ballets, presentations, private parties, celebrations and Birthday parties with famous pop singers.
Open: Every day from 20:00 till 5:00
1/2 Khreschatyk Str. Hotel Dnipro
Hotel Dnipro Evropeyskaya square

Disco Radio Hall
Stylish venue boasting the longest bar in Europe, wide range of drinks and cocktails, fashion shows on the special glass catwalk.
Open: from 08:00 till the last visitor leaves

RA Centre
This Egypt-inspired complex, featuring various entertainment. Party with the pharoahs!
Open: 21:00 -06:00
2 Mezhigorskaya Str.
Tel. 416-6939

Tato Fashion Club
European and Ukrainean cuisine. Business lunch from 12:00 till 18:00. cocktail bar with exotic cocktails and sexy bar-maids. Football on big screen, fathion show every day.
Open: 12:00 till the morning.
6/11 Sof'i Perovskoy Str.
Tel. 456-1782, 456-9536

Art Club 44
Live music, and lots of it, are on the menu in this beery basement bar with a touch of understated classs about it.
Open: from 11:00 till the last visitor leaves
44 Khreschatik Str.
Tel. 229-4137

111 Cocktail Bar
Cocktail bar in the center of Kiev presenting original 111 cocktails, disco.
Open: 09:00-06:00
1 Pobedy Sq.
Tel. 221-7741

Within 2 minutes walk from Independence Square (Maidan) in the heart of Kiev, you will find a piece of Good Old Ireland, and the name of this place is O'Brien's Irish Pub. Every day and night in the traditionally styled, cosy rooms at O'Brien's you will meet people of a dozen different nationalities from around the world who frequently visit to enjoy and savour the delicious food, sample the wide selection of drinks, play pool, listen to live music, watch live sporting events on the sky TV system or just meet new and old friends. In a place where cultures meet, both foreigners and Ukrainians alike appreciate the friendly atmosphere and warm welcome O'Brien's Irish Pub offers. Our reputation is based on the exceptional quality of food and drink as well as the high level of service. Large selection of Ukrainian and international beers and spirits. Twin satellite digital TV systems (one on each flour), large digital TV projection in upstairs bar, pool, private room with large screen TV.
Open: 08:00-02:00
17a Mikhailovskaya Str.
Tel. 229-1584

Eating out

Ukrainian restaurants

Floating restaurant offers Ukrainian speciality cuisine atmosphere with antiques and live music. The terrace is covered with a glass canopy and accomodates 70 people.
Open: 12:00-24:00
Nab. Khreschatinskaya Str.
Tel. 416-8039

Restaurant offers Ukrainian speciality cuisine
46/52 Konstantinovskaya Str.
Tel. 417-1472

Authentic Ukrainian cuisine served up in a unique urban interior recreating the feel of turn-of-the-century imperial Kiev. The restaurant's five halls are disigned to reflect the five districts of old Kiev. Every day live music.
Open: 10:00-24:00, Fri-Sat: 10:00-02:00
2 Rohnedenskaya Str.
Tel. 23-0952

Za dvoma zaytsamy
Restaurant offers turn of the centure ambiance and a wide selection of slavic cuisine. Service that you can only dream of.
Open: 11:00-23:00
34 Andreevskiy Spusk
Tel. 416-3516

Tsarskoe Selo
For that authentic Ukrainian dining experience, food, drinks and decor with a strong nathional theme. Good for large groups.
Open: 11:00-01:00
42/1 Yanvarskogo Vosstania Str.
Tel. 290-3066

Kozak Mamay
The first Cossack restaurant in the city centre. Authentic Ukrainian cuisine.
Open: 10:00-24:00
4 Proriznaya Str.
Tel. 228-4273

International restaurants

Chateau de Fleur
Restaurant and self service cafeteria. International menu and selection of cocktails, great views on Khreschatik.
Open: 11:00-02:00
24 Khreschatik Str.
Tel. 228-7800

Deja Vue
The venue offers appetising menu and live music among other attractions.
Open: 12:00-02:00
30 B. Khmelnitskogo Str.
Tel. 235-9802

Le Grand Cafe
The original European cuisine in refined surroundings transform an ordinary meal into a dining experience that will satisfy you.
Open: 12:00-24:00
4 Myzeyny Per.
Tel. 228-7208

Exquisite Yugosland European cuisine. Enjoy it on the cosy wooden terrace.
Open: 11:00-24:00
18 Ilinskaya Str.
Tel. 416-0001

Unique cave interior. Steaks from hot stones. Meat and fish fondue. Exciting cave cocktails will be made for your liking.
Open: 11:00-24:00
10A Tarasovskaya Str.
Tel. 244-3372

French and Italian restaurants

Enjoy authentic French and Italian cuisine in the heart of Kiev.
Open: non-stop
5 Gorodetskogo Str.
Tel. 229-5462

Da Vinci
Stylish Italian restaurant reat views over the Philarmonia.
Open: 08:00-24:00
Evropeyskaya Sq., near Dnipro hotel
Tel. 229-0059

Da Vinci Fish Club
Italian restaurant in prime location offering an extensive range of fish dishes along with the best of Italian cuisine.
Open: 11:00-24:00
12 Vladimirskaya Str.
Tel. 4903434

A real Italian restaurant in the centre of Kiev. Exquisite dishes and a big wine list. Try their authentic rissotto! The modern European cuisine and the unobtrusive friendly service guarantee an enjoyable expirience in this grand dining parlour. Choose "a-la-carte" or have one to the excellent pre-set menus for dinner or bussines lunch. Draught German beer and a good selection of French and Italian wines. All hard currencies and major credit cards accepted.
Open: noon-24:00
15 Khreschatik Str. (Passage)
Tel. 229-0437


Kiev (Kyiv, in Ukrainian), the capital of Ukraine, has a population of nearly 3 million inhabitants and covers over 43 km from east to west and 42 km from north to south. Approximately 85% of the Ukrainian population are Orthodox Christians; 10% are Catholics of the Byzantine rite; 3% are Protestant (mainly Baptists); 1.3% are of the Jewish faith. Kyiv has much to offer in the cultural and architectural arenas with its wide tree-lined boulevards and historical buildings reflecting various styles and periods of the ancient Kyivan-Rus Empire.

Kyiv is a major industrial center that includes companies specializing in electronics, engineering, aviation, food and chemical production, etc. Kyiv's economic development has been enriched by its advantageous location along the Dnipro River, which links Kyiv to the Black Sea.

Golden Gate
A good place to start a tour of Kiev is at its hilly old town center, the Verkhny Gorod (Upper Town), also known as Old Kiev. Here you will find the few surviving monuments of Kiev's ancient past. The Zoloti Vorota or Golden Gate, 1017-1024, is located j ust outside the metro station of the same name. As you exit the northern entrance of the metro, you'll face the back side of the Golden Gate. Of the few remaining fortifications from the times of Prince Yaroslav the Wise (1019-54), the Golden Gate is the most remarkable. In 1983, the ruins of the Golden Gate, built as a defensive structure, were restored to their present condition. The same year, the Golden Gate Museum was opened. The ground floor contains exhibits relating to the history of old Kiev. The halls display armaments used by the ancient Kievites and other excavations from the site of the Golden Gate. The balconies of the museum offer a panoramic view of Kiev.
40 A, Volodymyrska
Open from May through October. Hours: 10 am- 5 pm
Tel. 224-7068

St. Sophia's Cathedral
It's just a short walk to get to the Kiev's oldest surviving church, St. Sophia's Cathedral. Begin walking down the street directly across from the entrance to the Golden Gate, Zolotovoritska. Keep to the right at the end of this short street and you will come out onto Volodimirska Street. The entrance to St. Sophia's is just a few steps to your left through the Southern Gate Tower. Today, the complex of buildings and churches that make up St. Sophia's is a museum. In addition to the cathedral, exhibits include models of ancient Kievan-Rus towns.

Tickets may be purchased at the kiosk inside on your right just before you reach the Cathedral. St. Sophia's is the highlight of many visitors' stay in Kiev. This majestic 13-domed church was named after the Constantinople. Sofia in Greek means "wisdom". The Cathedral was built in 1037 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise (he's buried inside) to commemorate the victory over the Pechenegs (Asian nomadic tribes) and to glorify Christianity. The church became a holy place of worship for ancient Kievites, as well as, a major cultural and political center in Kievan-Rus. Adjoining Yaroslav's Palace, Saint Sofia's was often used to receive foreign diplomats and negotiate treaties. The first library and school in Kievan-Rus were situated in the church. Sohpia's made a huge impression on the ordinary citizens of Kiev in that era, with its rich frescoes and mosaics, many of which are still intact almost a millennium later.

Saint Sofia's is a national treasure of Ukraine. Behind the Cathedral on your right stands the four-story (76 meters/249 foot), ] azure and white, stone Bell Tower (1744-1752). The Ukrainian Baroque fourth story and gilded cupola of the tower were added in 1852. On your left, heading back in the direction of the main entrance before you reach the ticket booth, is the 18th c. Refectory. It's now a museum and houses archaeological and architectural displays. Model panoramas of the city in the 10th-12th centuries depict Kiev before it was razed by Mongol invaders in 1240.
vul. Volodimirska 24
Open daily 10 am - 5 pm, except Thursday
Tel. 228-6152

Upper Kiev
As you leave the St. Sophia museum, turn left onto vul. Volodimirska which opens onto St. Sophia Square. The equestrian statue standing in the square's center is in honor of the great Cossack Hetman (leader), politician and military hero, Bohdan Khmelnitsky(1595-1657). It was designed by well-known St. Petersburg sculptor Mikhail Mikeshin and was erected in 1888 through donations. Follow the street running down the right-hand side of the square with the statue to your left and a small park to your right. At the end of this street (3 blocks) you will come to Saint Michael's Square. The square takes its name from the Mykhailivsky Zolotoverkhyi Monastery (Michael's Monastery of the Golden Roof), and the cathedral with the same name, which used to stand here.

Saint Michael was considered Kiev's patron saint and is depicted on the coat of arms of the city. The cathedral, as well as the monastery, was founded on this site by Kiev Prince Sviatopolk in 1108. It survived the brutal Mongol invasions and the years of Polish and Lithuanian rule, but, unfortunately, not the Soviets. The Cathedral was destroyed in 1934-35 to make way for the building on your left of the Central Committee of the Ukrainian Communist Party (1939). Today, this massive Stalinist looking structure on your houses Ukrainian governmental offices. To the right of this building is the upper entrance to Kiev's Funicular (cable car). Built in 1905, it is a quick, exciting, and inexpensive ride (the cost is the same as the fare for a car, except on Sunday, when rides are free) down to the Podil (Lower Town), the old trading quarter.

This two minute trip will give any child a thrill and provides an excellent view of the Dnieper River and the Left Bank of the city. It leaves you at Poshtova Ploshcha, Post Office Square. Here you will find the Poshtova Ploshcha Metro Station, on the blue line, as well as the Kiev Richkovy Vokzal (River Station), River Passenger Terminal. River boats operate here from early spring to late fan. Now, let's continue our excursion of Kiev's Upper City. On St. Michael's Square notice the stone and metal statue dedicated in 1993 to the memory of the 7-12 million Ukrainian peasants killed by the Stalinist regime during the Great Famine of 1932-'33. Turn right off the square to 6 Three Saints' Street. Here is the Refectory (1713), a white stone church with a single wooden cupola. Once, it was part of the Michael's Monastery of the Golden Roof. Daily services are at 7 AM and 5 PM.

On your right, as you head down Three Saints' Street, is St. Alexander's Catholic Church, named after the Russian Emperor Alexander 1. It was built in 1817-1842 to commemorate the victory over Napoleon. Its style is similiar to Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. During Soviet rule, the Church was drastically modified and used as a planetarium. Reconstruction has recently been completed. Services are held daily. Weekdays: 7:30 AM & 10 PM in Polish; 7 PM in Ukrainian. Sundays: 7:30 AM and 12 noon in Polish; 9 AM in French; 10 AM and 7 PM in Ukrainian English. 17 vul. Kostelna, tel. 229-7309.

The Square of Lenin Komsomol marks the beginning of Kiev central business district and most popular people watching street, the beautiful tree-lined boulevard, Khreshchatik. It is hard to believe that here there was once a valley, surrounded by a thick forest, with a brook across it. The valley's name was Khreshchata (Crossed) because of the many ravines that crossed it. Kievan princes liked to hunt here, now, tourists hunt here for souvenirs in it many stores. The easiest way to get here is by metro, stations Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Blue Line) and Khreshchatik (Red Line) are just one block to your right at Independence Square ( Maidan Nezalezhnosti).

On your right and across Khreshchatik are TrolleyBus Stop #20 and Bus stops #71 and #62. At Square of Lenin Komsomol is a large building with red granite steps which was once Kiev's Lenin Museum. Erected in 1982, in 1991 the museum was closed and converted into the Ukrainian House , which serves as a cultural center with concerts, art exhibits, and temporary displays of Ukrainian Culture. 2, Khreshchatik Street. Open Tuesday - Sunday, 11 AM - 6 PM. Directly across the square, on it northeast corner, is the Hotel Dnipro at 1/2 Khreshchatik, tel., 229-8287. Just up the hill from Hotel Dnipro at 6 Hrushevskoho is the Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts (1897-1899). Built in the style of a Greek temple with a 6-column portico designed by Kiev architects V. Horodetsky and H. Boytsov, the museum's 21 galleries contain valuable collections, generally unknown in the West, of Ukrainian icons, paintings, and sculpture from the 14th to early 20th centuries. Works of T. Shevchenko, K. Kostandi, H. Narbut are among the exhibits of the museum. Open daily, 10 AM - 5 PM, closed Friday. Tel. 228-6482.

The attractive pink-and-lavender building on the opposite side of the street down from the museum is The National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine. To the left of it there is the main entrance to the Central Park of Culture and Rest, where Kiev's Dynamo Stadium is located. Return to the Komsomol Square and take the underpass below the square to the opposite side. The struction here is Kiev's Philharmonic Society (1882). It was the former meeting place of the prerevolutionary Merchants' Assembly. On your right is a broad stairway which leads to a huge stainless steel arch commemorating the Reunion of Russia and Ukraine. The view of the river and the Left Bank provided beyond the monument is spectacular. As you face the monument, the ravine to your immediate left is Vladimir Hill and the Monument to the Great Prince Vladimir. The 20-meter (66- foot) monument depicts the pagan ruler who brought Christianity to Russia. Erected in 1853, the impressive bronze statue was designed by V. Demut-Malinovsky and P. Klodt, St. Petersburg sculptors. One block west of Lenkomsomol Square, is the busy Independence Square , Kiev's main square. It's the most popular meeting place of Kievites and visitors.

Beyond the inclined terrace on this square is the Moskov Hotel, 4 Institutska Street. At the top of the hill and across the street at No. 5 Institutska is an interesting prerevolutionary building with a classical colonnade, the Palace of Culture. Built by the architect Vikenty Beretti in the early 1840's, it was originally a finishing school for young ladies of the nobility. Today, it is one city's largest concert halls. Further up Institutska on the same side of the street at No. 9 is the National Bank of Ukraine. This turn of the century building is one of the city's most beautiful structures. As you return to Independence Square, turn left to the next street leading up to the incline, Karl Marx. The impressive gray columned building on the corner of Karl Marx and Khreshchatik is the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, a restored version of the 1899 original. Directly accross Kreshchatik is located Kiev's main Post Office.

At the opposite end of Karl Marx Street is Ivan Franko Square and the Ivan Franko Ukrainian Drama Theater, 3 Ploshcha Ivana Franka, tel. 229-5991. Here you'll find Ukrainian, classical, and contemporary dramas, but only in Ukrainian. Due to the high quality and professionalism of its actors, the Ivan Franko Theater is the most popular theater in Kiev. To the right of the theater and up a modest hill on a winding foot path is one of the most interesting buildings in Kiev, the Horodetsky Building (1902-03), 10 Bankova Street, built by Kiev Architect V. Horodetsky. the facades of the structure are embellished with sculptural decorations based on mythological and hunting themes by Italian sculptor E. Sana. This "fantasy" building is truly worth the short hike up the hill. When open, the Galery "Ukraine" inside provides a great opportunity to shop for art and marvel at the equally fascinating interior. Tel. 291-5791. Back on Khreshchatik, continue past numerous boutiques, several large department stores and administrative buildings. Turn right on Bohdana Khmelnitskoho Street.

On the left at No. 5 is the Lesya Ukrayinka Russian Drama Theater, tel.: 224- 9063 or 224-4223. Although the theater is named for the famous Ukrainian poetess, the repertoire of both classical and contemporary works is strictly Russian. Further up the hill at the corner of Volodymyrska and Khmelnitskoho Streets is the beautiful home of the Taras Shevehenko National Opera of Ukraine (1901). This theater was the first to stage classical operas translated into Ukrainian. Much of the theater's creative efforts are concentrated on productions of classical Ukrainian and Russian operas; however, a great variety of classical and modern plays are performed here, with actors singing both in Ukrainian and the original languages. The theater's opera company travels extensively, having appeared in Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, and Spain. The ballet has performed for audiences in France, Egypt, Japan, India, Denmark, and Sweden.

In addition to the memorable performances and creatives lighting and sets, the building is majestic. 50 vul. Volodymyrska. Tel., 224-7165 or 229-1169. Near Metro Teatralna , on the Red Line. From the opera, turn right on Volodymyrska Street and go one block to Boulevard Tarasa Shevchenka. This wide street, like the opera house, is named in honor of the 19th century Ukrainian poet and artist, Taras Shevehenko (1814- 1861). One block to your left (down the boulevard) and on your left at No. 12 is the Taras Shevchenko State Museum. The museum's collection, composed of more than 4,000 exhibits, displays personal belongings of the great poet, his manuscripts and paintings. Born a serf Shevchenko became a celebrated painter and poet whose works, extolling human rights, social justice, and sovereignty for Ukraine, deeply inspired the people. Tel.: 224-2556. Open: Tuesday-Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM. Note, another interesting place to familiarize yourself with the life and work of Shevehenko is the Shevchenko House-Museum, located just off Maidan Nezalezhnosti at 8-A Provulok Shevchenka. Tel.: 228- 3511. Hours: daily, except Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM.

From the Museum, walk up Shevehenko Boulevard on the same side of the street until you get to No. 20. Here, across from the University Metro Station (Red line), is located Saint Volodymir Cathedral. This Russian Orthodox Church was built in 1882 in the NeoByzantine style. The final design belonged to Alexander Beretti. The structure is a traditional Slavic six-column, three-apse church, crowned by seven cupolas. The murals of the church interior, done by famous Russian painters V. Vasnetsov, M. Nesterov, and M. Vrubel, are of considerable artistic significance. The mosaics lining the interior were made by Venetian masters. The voices of the choir are beautiful and not to be missed. Services are held daily at 9 Am and 6 PM. Tel.: 225-0362.

Now, return to Shevehenko Boulevard, turn left towards Khreshchatik Street. At Volodymyrska Street, turn right and cross Shevchenko to the deep red building of National University (also known as Shevchenko University). This is Kiev's most prestigious institution of higher education. The building is another classical structure created by Vikenty Beretti in 1837-43. Directly across the street from the University is the Taras Shevehenko Park. In its center stands a statue of the Ukrainian writer erected in 1939 on the 125th anniversary of his birth.

On the opposite side of the park in the middle of the block, cross the street at No. 9 Tereschenkivska Street. This is the home of the Russian Art Museum, one of the largest repositories of Russian art outside Moscow and St. Petersburg. The building was constructed in the 1880's and belonged to the wealthy Tereshchenko Family. The museum was founded in 1922 on the basis of the Tereshchenko collection and other private collections confiscated and nationalized by the Soviets. The museum is worth a visit if only to look at the outstanding Russian icons dating from the last quarter of the 13th century. Among its collection are icons from Novgorod and Moscow and many works of famous Russian painters, including masterpieces of I.Repin, M. Vrubel, N. Rerikh, N. Borovikovsky-Verezhchagin and V. Tropinin. The museum's exhibits include sculpture, graphics and handicraft. Tel.: 224-6218. Open daily, 10 AM - 5 PM except Friday, Noon-6 PM. Closed Thursday.

Just a few doors down the street, at No. 15, is the Museum of Western and Oriental Art. Like the Russian Museum, it was founded after the Bolshevik Revolution on the basis of a private collection. The building is the former mansion of the well-known archaeologist Bohdan Khanenko, who started the collection in the 1870's. Unfortunately, the museum has been closed since 1993 for major restoration work and is not scheduled to open again until at least 1998. For information, call 225-0260.

Continue down Tereschenkivska Street to the corner and turn left on Tolstoy Street. Follow Tolstoy to where it ends at Tolstoy Square and intersects with Chervonoarmiyska Street. Here, you'll find a very good Ukrainian souvenir shop at 23 Chervonoarmiyska. At this square are located Trolley bus stops 20, 17, and 8, as well as, the Tolstoy (Blue Line) Metro Station. Continue left down Chervonoarmiyska two blocks and you'll arrive at the western end of the Khreshchatik. On the right you'll see Kiev's first indoor market at Bessarabska Ploshcha, called Bessarabski Rynok. The market was established on this site for Bessarabian (Moldavian) merchants who came to trade in Kiev. Today, it is one of Kiev's most important markets and offers a very good selection of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and meats. Across from the square, at the beginning of Shevchenko Blvd., is one of the city's few surviving statues of V.I. Lenin.

Andriyinsky Descent
The best way to get to the Andriyivsky descent, one of the most popular streets in Kiev, is from the Poshtova Ploshcha Metro. To reach the bluff where the descent begins, take the funicular (cable car) located at the bottom of the hill, just outside the subway. When you reach the top, walk straight to the square ahead of you. The building directly ahead of you contains the new BRAMA Contemporary Arts Center. From there, veer right down the steps to the square and cross over to Desyatinna Street, named for the Desyatinna Cerkva (Tithe Church) or Church of the Holy Virgin (989) that once stood at the end of this short street. At the end of the street, veer to the left to the middle of the block and wade through of street vendors and tourists up a flight of stairs and you'll find the outline of the church's foundation, which was reconstructed with red granite.

Looking to the right past the site of Desyatinna Cerkva, you'll see the Historical Museum, located on the bluff. The museum's extensive consists of 8 sections dealing with different aspects of Ukraine's history. Behind the museum there is a path that provides a good view of Podil, Kiev's lower town from the highest point of old Kiev. 2,Volodymyrska Street. Tel.: 228-2924. Open daily 10 AM - 5 PM, except Wednesdays. Return to Desyatinna Street and walk a few steps to your left to Andriyivsky Uzviz. This is one of Kiev's oldest streets. In ancient times, the street linked the administrative part of the Upper City with the Podil , the Lower City of merchants and artisans. This steep, winding stone street is a traditional place for outdoor totes, festivals, and concerts and has a variety of interesting art galleries and shops. It is at the heart of Kiev's artist community and is a favorite stop for tourists and one of the best areas in Kiev to find traditional Ukrainian crafts and art.

Elegantly outlined against Kiev's sky-line at the top of Andriyivsky Uzviz, at No. 23, stands St. Andrew's Cathedral. Designed in 1754 by the Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, it is one of the few buildings to have survived intact with no reconstruction or significant damage. The single-domed cathedral, with its five lesser cupolas, seems to hover over the city. It's site was allegedly chosen because it was here that the Apostle Andrew, who first preached the Gospel in Kievan-Rus, erected a cross. The church was built at the behest of Elizabeth, Peter the Great's pious daughter, who visited Kiev in 1744. There is a picturesque path-way around the Cathedral. The area around St. Andrew's Cathedral was the favourite place for walks for the famous Russian writer, Nikolay Gogol. The interior of the building is now closed for remodelling. Tel., 228-5861. No. 13

Andriyivsky Uzviz is the old Bulgakov family home. Mikhail Bulgakov, the renowned Russian writer,lived here from 1906 to 1916 and, again, in 1918-19. The house is now the Bulgakov Museum, containing the writer's personal effects and family photos. At No. 15 is an interesting building known to Kievites as the Castle of Richard. It is currently being rebuilt into a hotel by a Ukrainian-American joint venture. Built in the modernised English Gothic style, the monumental facades are decorated with elements typical of fortresses and castles. To the right of the hotel is a steep, twisting flight of iron steps that will take you to a lock-out platform. It provides a magnificent view of the Podil bellows the Dnieper and some of it's six bridges, and the plains of the Left Bank. When you reach the bottom of the hill, turn left and you'll be at the start of Kontraktova Ploshcha (Contract Square) in Podil, Kiev's historic Lower City.

The Podil District is very different from the Khreshchatik, which is dominated by the monumental architecture of the Stalinist Era. A stroll through the Podil's narrow, quaint streets gives you a sense of life in Old Kiev, when, before the revolution, the Podil was inhabited by merchants and craftsmen. From the bottom of Andriyivsky Uzviz, go straight one block to Petra Sahaidachnovo Street. From here, you can return to the Khreshchatik by turning right and walking a few blocks to Poshtova Ploshcha Metro (Blue Line). To tour the Podil, turn left on Petra Sahaidachnovo Street.

On your left starts the broad, long Kontraktova Ploshcha (Contractor's Square). Immediately on your left, at No. 4, is the Hostinny Dvir shopping arcade, built in 1809 by the architect L. Ruska. Near the northwest corner of the building, is the Fountain of Samson, constructed in 1749 by the famous Ukrainian architect Ivan Hryhorovych-Barsky. There are many legends connected with this fountain. According toone of them, a person who drinks fountain's water will settle in Kiev for good. At Kontraktova Ploshcha No. 2 stands the Kontraktovy Dim (Contractor's House), which gives the square its name. It was built in 1817 expressly asa a headquarters for negotiating contracts.

Cross Sahaidachnovo Street and backtrack slightly to the north end of the Square. Turn left onto Illinska Street and head towards the river. Three blocks down the street, just before you reach the harbor on the corner at No. 2 Poshaininska Street, stands an elegant one-domed church, the Illinska Cerkva (St. Elias Church), 1692. According to legend, it was built on the site where the first wooden church used to stand. Additions were added to the church in the 18th and 19th centures. Located at 2, Poshainins'ka. Tel.: 416-2368. Services are held on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and holidays at 8 a.m., 10.a.m. and 5 p.m. Closed Mondays. Return to the square by Illinska Street and turn right on Mezhihirska Street, go two blocks to Spaska Street, which begins from the Contract House.

The rectangular building at No. 2 Spaska is the former Kiev Academy, once called Kyiv-Mohyla Collegium after Archbishop Pyotr Mohyla who played major role in its creation. It was the first institution of higher education in Ukraine and in all Eastern Europe. It was founded in 1632 inside the walls of the now destroyed Bratsky (Brotherhood) Monastery. In 1701, Peter the Great turned it into the Kiev Academy, which eventually became one of the largest and most prestigious institutions of higher learning in all the Slavic world. Among the famous graduates of the Academy were M. Lomonosov, H. Skovoroda, I. Hryhorovych-Barsky, and A. Miloradovich. Today, the building houses Kiev Mohyla Academy University.

Continue on Mezihirska Street until you get to Shchekovytska Street. Turn right and walk to No. 29. Here is one of Kiev's two remaining active synagogues. This interesting red brick two story structure is the headquarters of the Kiev Judaic Community. Tel.: 416-2442. Return again to Mezihirska Street and turn right onto Khoreva Street and walk one block. At the corner, at No. 6 Kostuantinivska, stands an 17th c., white stone, two story mansion. Peter the Great lived in this house in 1706 and 1707, diring Russia's war with Charles XII of Sweden. The building is not open to the public. In the next block, at No. 5A Khoreva Street, is the Nikola Pritiska Church (1631). This modest, white-stone Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which bears just one cupola, is similar in design to Ukrainian wooden cathedrals. The church is currently being remodelled but is open for services on Saturdays at 9 AM and 5 PM and Sundays at 10 AM.

Turn left at the church onto Pritisko-Mikilska. Flofrivski Monastir (St. Flor's Convent) is just a few steps down the street on your right at No. 6/8. This is a functioning convent, whose history dates back from the 15th century. Enter the convent through the Bell-Tower Gates, designed by Andre Melensky in the 1824. The Convent's complex consists of the Voznesenska Cerkva (Church of Ascension), 1722-32, the two-story Refectory, the Bell-Tower (1740) and the House of the Mother-Superior.

The 19th century paintings of this beautiful church have been preserved and rate a visit. As you exit through the bell tower on your left No. 7 vul. Pritisko-Mikils'ka is one of Kiev's first apothecaries, 1728. Restored to its original appearance, the building contains a functioning pharmacy, as well as a museum devoted to the history of medicine. Tel.: 416-2437. Open, Tuesday - Sunday, 9 AM to 4 PM. To reach the nearest metro, return in the general direction of Peter the Great's House, turn right onto Kostuantinivska Street and follow the tram tracks bearing to the left two blocks to Metro Station Kontraktova Ploshcha (Blue Line). Here you can catch the metro to all parts of the city as well Trams # 9,12,13,14, 19, 21, 31,32,and 34.

Southeast of the main center of Kiev, spread over two large hills along the banks of the Dnieper, is the Kiev-Perchersk Lavra (Monastery of the Caves). To reach the monastery, take the metro to Arsenalna Station (Red Line), exit and cross the street and take Trolley bus 20 two stops. 21 Sichnevoho Povstannya. Tel., 290- 7349. Hours, 10 AM - 6 PM, closed Tuesday. Kiev Pecherska Lavra Monastery is a "must see" visit while in Kiev. This twenty-eight hector functioning monastery contains numerous churches, towers, a printing works, miles of maze like underground tunnels containing numerous churches, ancient crypts, ecclesiastical objects, and some of Kiev's riches museums.

Among the museums are the Museum of Historical Treasures, the Museum of Ukrainian Decorative and Applied Art, and the Museum of Ukrainian Books and Printing, where Russia's first printing press was established. To begin your excursion of the monastery, purchase your ticket just outside the majestic blue and gold archway of the Trinity Gate Church (1108). Please note, tickets for the Museum of Historical Treasures, the Bell Tower, and the Caves, where you buy a candle in lieu of a ticket, must be purchased at those respective sites. Excellent English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, German, and Spanish tour guides are available just inside the gates in the long building to your left. Should you elect to "see it on your own", the monastery offers a variety of reasonably priced, informative, brochures in English, which provide detailed information about the exhibits. If time permits, set aside a full day to see this magnificent and fascinating part of Kiev's long history. "Lavra" is the term used by the Orthodox Church for its largest monastery.

Pecherska Lavra was one of the most famous monasteries in historical Kievan-Rus and the former Russian Empire. A site of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians throughout Europe, for centuries it was Orthodox Christianity's "Rome". Founded in 1051 by monks Antony and Feodosiy, the primary goal of the monastery was to spread the newly adopted Christian religion. A cave is "pechera" in Ukrainian, hence the name of monastery. Monks worshipped and lived in the caves which still can be visited. The monks were also buried in these caves. The mixture of the cool temperatures and humid atmosphere of the caves allowed the bodies of the dead to mummify. At the time of monastery foundation, this appeared to be a miracle, enhancing the monastery's prestige. Even today,their bodies remain almost perfectly preserved. In 12th century, Lavra became a leading religious and cultural center of Eastern Europe.

Lavra had icon-painting studios and a scriptorium where works of ancient and contemporary foreign writers were translated into Slavic. Outstanding figures of Kievan-Rus, including writers Nikon, Feodosiy Pechersky, Polikarp, and Yakov Mnikh, the great physician, Agapit, and the artist, Alimpiy, lived and worked here. The historian Nestor wrote the renowned old Slavic Chronicle, "The Story of Bygone Days", while living in the monastery. Archeological excavations of the 1950's revealed that the monastery housed a workshop which produced mosaics that decorated many Kievan churches. In addition to the caves, Lavra incorporates a number of other buildings and churches which are significant In Ukrainian and Russian history, including: The Church of the Savior of Berestovo (12th c.), the burial site for Yuri Dolgoruky, the founder of Moscow the Holy Trinity Church (12th c. which served as an entrance to the monastery and lockout post; as well as, St. Nicholas Church, which belonged to the monastery's hospital.

The Bell Tower of the Lavra 96 meters high (315 feet), was bui lt in the 18th century by H etman Ivan Mazepa and is the highest best tower in Ukraine. Recently, the government of Ukraine has returned many buildings and temples of the Lavra to the Church. Now, Lavra houses a functioning monastery, Kiev Theological Seminary, Theological Academy and headquartes of Archboshop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. On your left, as you exit the Monastery, is the Ukrainian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War. Opened on October 17, 1981, this memorial complex occupies an area of 1-0 hectors and incorporates a museum (18 galleries), a memorial flame, plaques honoring "herocities" and a display ground for World War II vintage and more recent military equipment. The bronze sculptures lining the road to the complex are good examples of traditional Soviet style sculpture with their powerful portrayal of human strength. The museum's exhibits consist of 8,000 objects reflecting various stages and aspects of World War II. 33 Sichnevoho Povstannya. Tel. 295- 9457. Open, Tuesday-Sunday, 10 AM -5PM.

Vydubetsky Monastery
Vydubetsky Monastery was founded by Prince Vsevolod, the son of Prince Yaroslav the Wise and father of Vladimir Monomakh, between 1070 and 1077. The monastery controlled the ferry across the Dnipro River. Many of the best scholars of Kievan- Rus lived and worked in the monastery. Among them, chroniclers Sylvester and Moisey, made a great contribution to writing "The Story of Bygone Days". Only a few churches of this monastery have survived over the centuries.

One of these is the Church of Saint Michael. The Monastery acquired it's present appearance in the 18th century .when the five-domed Saint Yuri Cathedral, Refectory, and Bell Tower were erected in the Ukrainian-Baroque style. You will not be disappointed with your visit to this interesting site located next to the Central Botanical Gardens at 40 Vydubetska Street. Take Trolley bus # 21 or 31 from Kontractova Ploshcha or Bus # 3 from Metro Druzhby Narodiv and go to the Bulvar Druzhby Narodiv, near Patona Bridge, then make a short walk along Naddniprianske Shosse. The white walls of the Monastery will appear on your right.
40 Vydubetska Street

The Catholic Cathedral of Saint Nicholas
The Catholic Cathedral of Saint Nicholas was designed by S. Valovsky and built by the architect V. Horodetsky in 1899-1909. It is easily recognized by its Gothic style and its pair of needle-like towers. It was restored in 1980 and, today, is used both as a church and a concert hall. Roman Catholic services are held every day at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Saturday and Wednesday, 8 a.m. - 9 a.m in Ukrainian. Sunday, 9 a.m. - 11 a.m., 11- a.m. - 1- p.m. in Polish, 3 p.m. in Ukrainian.
77, Chervonoarmiyska
Tel: 269-5044

Askoldova Mohyla
Askoldova Mohyla (Askold's Grave), 1810-1935. Located in a picturesque park on the right bank of the Dnipro not too far from the World War II Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. According to ancient chronicles, in 882, the Novgorodian Prince Oleg murdered Kiev's Princes Askold and Dir on this hillside site. Shortly there after, Oleg seized Kiev. Askold is believed to be buried here. In 1810, a brick church- rotunda designed by architect Melensky was built here and, in 1935, a colonnade was added to protect it. Take the metro to Arsenalna Station and exit to your left until you reach Dneprovskii Uzviz, which slopes off to your left just past the Hotel Salyut. Follow the road down the incline and the rotunda will appear at the intersection on your left.

Mariinsky Dvorets (Mariinsky Palace)
Mariinsky Dvorets (Mariinsky Palace), 1750-1755. Named in honor of Tsar Alexander II's wife, the Empress Maria. This beautiful blue- and cream-colored palace is similar in style to the imperial summer estates in St. Petersburg. This building was designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, Empress Elizabeth's favorite architect, and built under the direction of Moscow architect Ivan Michurin. It's a lovely mixture of Ukrainian and Russian Baroque. Before the 1917 Revolution, the palace was used as residence for visiting members of the imperial family. Today, the building is used for official state functions and is closed to the public. 5 Hrushevsky Street. Trolley bus #20 to Mariinsky Park and then walk past the Supreme Rada (Parliament) Building.
5 Hrushevsky Street

Babi Yar
There was a time when Babi Yar was just a deep ravine on the outskirts of Kiev. Occupying German forces changed all of that in September 1941 when they ordered 35,000 of Kiev's Jewish residents to gather their belongings and march to Babi Yar. Thinking they would be transported to another location, they did as they were told and lined up along the ravine where Nazi firing squads proceeded to execute them. Their bodies were thrown into the ravine below. Throughout the Nazi occupation of Kiev, Babi Yar was used for mass killings. In all, over 100,000 people, including partisans and members of the underground, but mostly Jews, were killed here. In 1991, a monument was erected near the site. Take Trolley bus #16 from Maidan Nezalezhnosti to Zhitomirska Street.

Pyrohovo Village
Pyrohovo Village (The Ukrainian Museum of Folk Architecture and Peasant Homes). This open air museum offers an exciting walk through history into Ukrainian homes, barns, mills, and wells typical of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. The majority of the, buildings are original and were moved here for restoration. Exhibits include traditional Ukrainian clothing, housewares, and ceramics. The most ancient of artifacts date to the 16th and 17th centuries. English speaking guides are available.It's a very pleasant way to spend an entire day. From metro station Lybidska catch Trolley bus # 4, 11, 11k, or 12 to Avtostantsia Pivdenna stop; then, catch Bus #24 to its last stop, Pirohova.
Open daily except Wednesday. Winter hours, 10 AM to 4 PM.
Tel., 266-2416; 266-5542; 266-5783.

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On November 21 late in the evening at the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev meeting started. It was a protest against the decision of the Ukrainian Government and the European Union to freeze the negotiations on the association agreement. Next days thousands of students, workers, pensioners joined peaceful demonstrations for signing agreement to become the associated participant of EU.

After not signing the association with EU at summit of "Eastern Partnership" in Vilnius, Lithuania on 28-29 November people didn’t give up and continued staying at Maidan with motto: “For free person in independent country”.

But nevertheless right not it is not dangerous to visit Kiev. It’s just a great time for Ukraine to speak up and prove people’s rights. So if you plan your trip to Kiev there is no need to cancel it. The demonstrations are peaceful and the police do not interfere to this protest. Everyone can come to support Ukrainian nation.

Christmas “Arch of gifts”

From December 14 till January 14 the biggest Christmas fair in Kiev will be  held near People’s Friendship Arch and European Square. The “Arch of gifts” is going to be the most exciting Christmas event in the city.

In more than 80 fabulous wood houses you will find amazing Christmas decorations and toys, souvenirs and crafts of artisans, exclusive gifts, delicious pastries and others.

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A huge ice rink is forecasted to be the highlight of the fair. Its area will be around 500 sq. meters. Close to the rink you will find skates rental. So
guests will be able to ride in the fresh air with the Merry Christmas melodies.

 The fair are expected to be visited by million of guest from different countries. You will have an opportunity to see Santa Claus and try Christmas
dishes from all over the world. During the fair you can enjoy visiting the unique exhibition of Christmas balls, festival of snowmen, Christmas concert
program, fire-show and master classes for children at the Santa Claus’ residence.

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Visit Kiev at this beautiful time of the year.

We encourage you to reserve your apartment as soon as you can as this season is extremely busy and booking an apartment later could be more complicated process. All of our apartments are located near the main Christmas tree on Maidan in Kiev you seen on this image.

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