Traveling cross country

Many travelers face the same problem when they plan their trip. Which places should I visit ? Which transport would it be better to use ? Will I have enough time to get from one city to another ? These are the main questions , but of course, not the only ones which will occur. We will try to give a piece of advice on choosing  transportation.

Of course , it is the fastest way to get from one place to another , though , at the same time it is the most expensive one. Some companies offer  low rates for people buying tickets long time in advance. If your vacation is very short and budget is flexible this might be the most convenient way to getting around the country.

This is probably the cheapest and convenient way to get around the country if the cities are far away from each other. The advantage is that in most cases you may take an overnight train from one city to another and have some sleep in the train. You buy tickets and check the train schedule directly at the website of Ukrainian railway company.

If the cities are not far from each other we would suggest to use a bus. It is not very expensive. We are pretty sure you will enjoy your short trip and get a chance to see some countryside. There are a few bus companies working on market and there are always tickets available.

rental car
If you want to travel around the country and do not want to stick to the strict schedule this would probably be the best option. You are more flexible and may stay longer at the places you like. This option would perfectly suit for someone with enough driving experience. Just make sure to have a good road map or GPS device with you. There are many places with no road signs.

If you will only be staying in one city - there is no need to rent a car. We would advice to use a taxi instead. It will be cheaper than renting a car and will let you enjoy you stay. In most  big cities the traffic is quite bad and the road signs are very confusing. We advice not to catch a car in the street but order it through a taxi company. They will tell you how much to pay to the driver over the phone so you will not have to argue with the driver if he will want more money.

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