Souvenirs from Kyiv

To buy souvenirs and symbolic baubles is not a problem in Kiev because there are lots of shops and fairs. The most interesting and popular presents: vyshyvanka, beer mugs and beer kegs, matreshka doll, embroidered tablecloths, shirts, wood carvings, pottery with painting and of course the famous Kiev cake. As well as various souvenirs with the Ukrainian symbols - shirts, hats, scarves, bracelets, magnets, etc. The great Ukrainian souvenir would be also a good pipe, or gutsulska trembita.

Vyshyvanka - traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt. It is decorated with national ornaments.

Rushnik - embroidered decorative towel made of homespun canvas. It is made from flax or hemp. For decoration is used towel embroidery, lace, ribbons.

Matryoshka doll - the traditional souvenir for foreign tourists. The most popular dolls are painted with Petrikivka.

Pysanka - handmade wooden egg. Landscapes, telling about the life of the Ukrainian nation, its history, religion and culture are usually depicted on pysanky.

Sharovary - Ukrainian national men's pants which are usually red color.

A Cossack Bulava has always been the unique symbol of Ukraine. Of course, you will not be able to bring the real one, but smaller souvenir copy - always. Souvenir shops and little markets are full of different gift maces of all sizes and colors.

Also popular souvenirs are Ukrainian dolls "Motanki made of fabric patchwork. These dolls are considered to be a talisman against the evil forces, as well as a symbol of fertility from ancient times.

There is a unique place in Kyiv - Andriivskyi uzviz, which is also called Street Museum. It is the place where you can buy the best examples of traditional art. Here you will find antiques, collection items and various hand-made.

Kiev is a beautiful and charming European city in which every tourist will find entertainment and shopping to his liking.

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